[Infographic] Social Media Savvy Couples’ Wedding

Social media is everywhere we go in today’s world. It’s difficult to walk down the street of any global city without encountering at least one person taking a selfie for their Snapchat story or posting an Instagram photograph to their profile. Attending an occasion like a wedding is no different; a wedding is a wonderful time of celebration where friends and family come together and everyone has a great time.

It’s also a major day for taking photographs as a way of cherishing those memories and making them last forever. Inevitably too, those images and videos will end up on people’s newsfeeds in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, or all. While some couples do like to have preventative measures to fight against this occurring, it’s difficult to enforce. Also, sometimes if you have to announce a social media ban at the beginning of proceedings, it can leave a poor or negative atmosphere in the surroundings. Then of course there are the couples who this doesn’t bother and instead they are the couple who love to see people posting widely on social media about them. They look at it as getting to see many different angles of their big day!

The guys at Loyes Diamonds have put together this infographic below which details everything you need to know when you’re interested in social media and are getting set for your wedding. It includes tips and tricks on how to have a unique fun-filled day with the inclusion of social media and how to hit the right note. Check it out below!

[Infographic] Social Media Savvy Couples' Wedding

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