Robert Gumede’s Guma Group of Companies

Robert Gumede's Guma Group of Companies

The Guma Group is a black owned, hands-on operations and investment power house intensely focused on adding value and initiating growth by means of operations and managerial participation. Guma works very closely with Chinese and European State owned Entities which seek investment opportunities in Africa . The Head Office handles all strategic and partner relationships ,strategic sales and business development of the various Guma Group companies .

Some of Guma companies are  in Information Communications Technologies (ICT), Railways , Energy generation, Water & Sanitation , Tourism , Construction & Engineering , Mining , Business Consulting , Private Equity , Human Capital Management & Training , Transport & products  Logistics , Private Public Partnerships , Project Structured Finance , Property & Retail Development sectors. The various companies of the group run independent of each other but pull together for synergies when required . Guma’s strategy is to create centers of excellence in each operating company .

Gumede, self-made African business person and entrepreneur founded The Guma Group of Companies.

Robert Gumede, South African serial entrepreneur and executive chairman of Guma Group

Robert Gumede, executive chairman of Guma Group was the Co-Chairman for the BRICS Business Forum in Sanya CHINA representing South Africa. He is a global entrepreneur, philanthropist and Pan-African visionary business leader. He founded his company Guma after His Excellency Nelson Mandela’s release from 27 years of prison incarceration and became the first democratic elected President of South Africa . It was only from 1994, that Black South Africans could freely take part as businessmen in South Africa.

He was born in Mpumalanga Province during the Apartheid era after Nelson Mandela got jailed. He was born among seven siblings of a single mom who was a live-in domestic worker. To lend support to his mom at an early age of 7 , he begun to work as a golf caddy. He also became a gardener for some of the golfers after school and over the weekend .

At 12 years old he joined his sister in selling used clothes . When his sister enrolled to be a nurse Robert Gumede continued and made a success of the clothing business . Gumede studied law and became a State Prosecutor. After few years as Prosecutor, he resigned to pursue his business interests . From humble beginnings he has built a global group of diversified companies.

He is also a kind-hearted and philanthropist who never forgets his roots . He annually invests a lot of his wealth to the needy, in particular in young people and single mothers education. His initiative through his Robert Gumede Family Keni Foundation to give scholarships to children of single mothers is his passion.

Gumede has gone back to the Nelspruit Golf Club to invest money on the welfare of the caddies . He is a golfer even though he took on golf whilst he was a caddie , there were no golf courses for Blacks. Today the Nelspruit Golf Club is now named after him as an honor for his investment to the club. He is so close to the golf course in that he even got married on the fairways of the golf club.

Guma through its various companies employs over 10 000 staff members globally . The group companies has some of the top multinational companies as clients or partners . Robert Gumede is a hands-on business person in all his businesses.

Gumede as an African  Industrialist aims to develop most of the countries on the African continent, to create economic growth that will yield sustainable jobs.

He believes in Africa and knows that Africa needs a lot of infrastructure development like yesterday . Most of the existing infrastructure in most countries was for the benefit of the minority colonial powers who lived in this countries . Since independence some of this countries because of dire economic situation have not invested in maintenance or new infrastructures to serve the urbanized masses.

Gumede is well-known , respected and is friends to many Heads of States / Presidents, Monarchs and Government leaders . He advises many Heads of States in economic development . Gumede is passionate about sharing his wisdom to young people and is also a most sought after speaker at various business and socio political conferences in the world . Gumede believes in the growth of small and medium businesses as the vanguard of the economy of every country . Small businesses create the much-needed sustainable jobs.

Guma Group Location

Guma House, Peter Place Office Park

54 Peter Place Road, Bryanston

Johannesburg, South Africa

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