Gloria Michelle Otieno, Entrepreneur in Africa

Gloria Michelle Otieno Muka grew up watching her dad run his own business to the point where he became successful. She would often sit at his office doing her homework and watch how he would engage with his staff. He always told her to not be afraid of big numbers, which is something most entrepreneurs are sometimes scared of. She learnt earlier on that it is key to not compromise the business by charging too little.

Gloria Michelle Otieno, Entrepreneur in Africa

Persistence, punctuality and consistency are also key traits that she managed to acquire earlier on as she watched her father. She admired this quality in him and she wakes up as early each morning. One thing she remembers is that she never saw him when he was down or even about to give up. Her entrepreneurial journey has not been easy, but she is not about to give up anytime soon.

Otieno Muka was working at Kenya Airways and she quit her job. She quit her job due to a lack of work satisfaction. She knew she had a deeper calling in the human resources and skill development sector. Otieno Muka wanted to do more in the industry and to shine in the industry. She had always felt like there was a gap in that HR sector. She became concerned with the way the youth conducted themselves at interviews. The way hiring companies selected candidates contributed to her wish to make an impact. So she decided to start her own firm.

Otieno Muka is now the chief executive officer/human resources consultant at Recours Four Kenya Consultants Limited, Kenya, Africa. She started the R4 Kenya with $2,000 of her savings because she strongly believes in empowering youth in their careers. Her passion in the human resources sector was also driven by young students who join universities without making informed decisions.

Otieno Muka and the R4 Kenya team offer professional human resources services in consultancy, recruitment, training and staff outsourcing.  R4 Kenya’s clients come from the Banking and Financial Services industry, Real Estate, NGO, Hospitality, Healthcare, Educational Institutions, Oil and Gas, Media & Communications, Information Technologies, Telecom, Agriculture and FMCG. The company’s clients include the World Bank Group, Kenya National Examination Council, United States Agency for International Development, the British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline plc and Sportpesa.

The public should use R4 Kenya services because they come from a passionate organization – for one they all love what they do and in the process deliver service quality. Otieno Muka does not believe in short cuts, each service delivered by Recours Four Kenya Consultants is done in the best way possible and this has attracted international clients and promoted business both locally and internationally. Each service is bespoke and tailored to the clients needs, they offer flexibility and high return on investment.

The R4 Kenya executive team consists of 5 human resource management specialists, 2 administrative staff, 2 events professionals, and one accountant. In total it has 10 professionals with a joint experience of 30 years in the human resource management industry. It is not an ordinary human resource industry team, It is all vibrant, spunky, outgoing and fun!

Otieno Muka would like to see the company gain an international niche and basically set up in different countries. She is looking to also gain international investors that can help expand reach to more people.

Making a difference however small gives Gloria Michelle Otieno Muka satisfaction of being an entrepreneur. Most of all the ability to give people job opportunities and enhance their skills gives her pride.

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She advises any woman out there to explore their ideas, she says “fear is often a hindrance for many, but the greatest thing is that success lies on the other side of fear. Let it all go and just START.”

Gloria Michelle Otieno Muka founded the R4K student Ambassador program in Kenya, which allows bright students to be mentors to students that are having problems getting through university. The program basically empowers the student leader to motivate and inspire the group members into action and completion of university. R4K student Ambassador program teaches professional CV writing and interview skills to these students as well enabling them to be able to teach other group members. So far they have this program set up and popular at Egerton University and Maseno University.

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