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Entrepreneurship Education and Support by Nathaniel Moikabi

My name is Nathaniel Moikabi. I’m an entrepreneur and an online marketing consultant. I’m looking to answer your questions about business, marketing and social media, and give entrepreneurship education and support.

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Questions asked and the answered I’ve given

  • What kind of enterprise should I start?

This is something that only you can answer, but as a rule of thumb you should aim to start something in a field you’re familiar with.

Picking a business in a field that you’re already well-versed in will offer the path of least resistance to starting a business, even if it’s not necessarily always a smooth path.


  • How can I drive traffic to my website for my business?

Build a great site with lots of high-quality original content that is search engine optimized.

Have a smart social media plan to drive traffic from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and other free social media sites


  • What are the top three skills do entrepreneurs need?

The top three skills I think entrepreneurs need are branding, sales, and strategy.


  • Am I required to have a license to start my enterprise?

A lot of businesses surprisingly require very little licensing, but you’ll want to ask directly – nothing sinks a business faster than finding out that it’s operating illegally.


  • What advice would you give to college/university students who want to become entrepreneurs?

Do what you love, turn a hobby into a business. Be ready to wait at least five years before you ever see a profit.


  • Should I start one business or several?

The best advice on this comes from Dan Martell of Maple Butter. To paraphrase his line of thinking, starting multiple companies spreads your resources thin. Even if you have a few ideas for companies, start with one and keep it basic. You can diversify later on.


  • What setbacks should I expect when running an enterprise?

Common first-year setbacks vary from enterprise to enterprise, but one of the most common is not meeting revenue expectations.


  • Am I better off buying a franchise or starting a new business?

Deciding on this depends on personality type as well as the amount of capital that you have available.


  • What kind of competition will I face as an entrepreneur?

Lots. That’s why it’s important to put together a thorough business plan.


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