How to Protect Your Business Domain Name

How to Protect Your Business Domain Name

Helpful Practical Domain Protection Tips for Businesses

Imagine the sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize a disgruntled ex-employee, business competitor, or website developer with whom you are in a contract dispute has taken down, hijacked or redirected your website by obtaining control of your domain name. Unfortunately, these situations are possible if you do not take necessary precautions to protect your domain name. Consider these domain protection tips for protecting your digital property.


What is cybersquatting

The traditional definition of cybersquatting is the practice of registering names, especially well-known company or brand names, as Internet domains, in the hope of selling them for a profit.

How do you protect your Domain Name from cybersquatting?

The easiest (and cheapest) way to prevent most cyber-squatting is to register a few basic variations of your company name. Hopefully, you have already registered the .COM version of your company name. To be safe, register the .NET and .BIZ variations. Some companies also register the .ORG and .INFO variations for extra safety.

How do you protect your Domain Name from Porn Funnels?

The easiest and cheapest way to protect your company from porn funnels is to register common variations of your domain before someone else does. 

Variation of your domain name can sometimes be used by ‘porn pirates’ to ‘funnel’ traffic into a pornographic website because operators of some adult web sites use almost any method to attract new visitors.

The more widespread method used by ‘porn pirates’ today is registering a slight variation of a popular site to capture traffic from customers who mistype your URL.

What are Sneaky Online Competitors?

A sneaky online competitor is someone who steals business away from you or to ruin your reputation by misrepresenting a digital property associated with your business. It is also common for a competitor to register a close variation of your digital properties for the sole purpose of diverting your customers into visiting their site.

How do you protect your company’s domain name from sneaky competitors?

  • Establish a policy to deal with sneaky competitors
  • Monitor new domain registrations. Use a monitoring service that alerts your company about potentially infringing domain names.
  • Register defensive domain names. Register all common misspellings of your domain name.
  • Join communities that represent interests of trademark and copyright owners.


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