Infographic – How to Turn Cleaning Into a Workout

House cleaning is a task that very few people look forward to but this infographic from HappyCleans may change your mind on cleaning. The graphic looks at cleaning as if it were a workout and will hopefully encourage you to do it a bit more often.

Before you start cleaning, why not throw on your favourite Spotify playlist? It may be the motivation you need to keep on cleaning as you get tired. If you do want it to be a workout, try not to snack too often as all your hard work will be wasted if you’re taking in calories as you clean.

Dusting is something that must be done and you’ll be happy to know that it burns 174 calories in just one hour. So, for example, if you spent an afternoon dusting you would likely burn over 500 calories and you would of course be left with an extremely clean house.

Check out the full infographic now and turn your house cleaning into your trip to the gym. Enjoy.

How to Turn Cleaning Into a Workout

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