[Infographic] Popular Productivity Extensions For Chrome

During the last few years, Chrome invariably is the number one browser for internet users across the globe.

See the market share held by Chrome this Sept (2017). This is as reported by StatCounter.


Chrome – 55.68%

Safari – 14.22%

UC Browser – 7.3%

Firefox – 5.96%

Then the others..


The figures are similar to what we have noticed over the last few months/years. Chrome is way ahead of others and the gap is not expected to shrivel anytime soon.

I would be presenting a wonderful infographic on Chrome extensions today, and I think the figures aptly substantiate the point why we are seeing many extensions coming out everyday, specifically for Chrome.

Naturally, it makes a lot of business sense to rake in the popularity of Chrome. Isn’t it?

This infographic beautifully depicts some of the popular productivity extensions for Chrome.

I know there are other factors too that determine our productivity levels but these small software certainly help us to stay organized in the long run. Or try installing a few of these and see if your day-to-day tasks happen to be any simpler.

[Infographic] Popular Productivity Extensions For Chrome


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