Focus on Technology: Applied Card Technologies

Applied Card Technologies has been at the heart of some fantastic projects over the years including the British Museum eMoney programme.

ACT learned how using smart technology provided a new dimension in the way its clients ran their businesses through practical experience and sheer hard work. Applied Card Technologies clients are able to visualize the benefits of intelligent systems that could really improve the customer experience. ACT can truly make a big difference in the world – connecting people with services.

ACT started building for future success through research and development programmes. Applied Card Technologies has invested in the enterprise-strength infrastructure and product development that shows its passion. It makes perfect sense to it, it wants to unlock all a city has to offer.

Focus on Technology: Applied Card Technologies

ACT is a company that designs, builds, and manages smart transaction systems for retail, tourism, public and transport sectors worldwide. The company offers HOPS, a ticketing management system for concessionary and commercial ticketing requirements. It also provides a cloud ticketing service. The cloud ticketing service offers passengers a convenient way to top up their smart cards. In addition, the company offers managed hosting, advisory, software integration, project management, service desk, and learning and development services. It provides solutions for commercial transport ticketing, concessionary travel, citizen smart cards, loyalty programs, and tourism city cards.

ACT’s early mission was providing support to retail and tourism managers in rewarding their customers. It developed smart card transaction systems so that a company could take control of its customer management and relations. From the start it offered turnkey project delivery from requirements capture to test and deployment. It found that this made its products accessible to many more organizations.

Fujitsu Acquisition of Applied Card Technologies to Strengthen Presence in Burgeoning Digital Ticketing Market

Fujitsu today announced on August 27, 2015 that it has acquired ACT (Applied Card Technologies), the digital ticketing solutions provider. The multi-million pound acquisition will support Fujitsu as it further expands its presence in the transport sector. ACT’s technology will enable Fujitsu to offer cloud-based ticketing systems and solutions to transport operators.

The deal follows Fujitsu’s announcement that it will work with Arriva, to install the UK rail industry’s first smartphone-based ticket issuing system. ACT’s technology will expand this side of Fujitsu’s business – offering solutions including loyalty reward programmes alongside commercial transport ticketing.

“We live in an increasingly digital-first world with consumers using everything from cloud to smart watches, to go about their daily lives. Today, for the majority of us, travel is a necessity in day-to-day life. Yet in our Digital Inside Out study, only 39% of the public were satisfied with digital services the transport industry offers,” commented Regina Moran, CEO, Fujitsu UK & Ireland. “This needs to change. As a technology provider to transport operators, we see it as our responsibility to help the sector’s move to digital. ACT…will be a vitally important part of the Fujitsu business.”

In addition to digital ticketing capabilities, Fujitsu will now also be able to offer a range of products to enable transaction processing, CRM and data analytics. The combined power of digital technology and real-time analysis is integral to Fujitsu’s smart city transport programmes with the company believing transport is a key building block to a smart society. As such, residents must be able to use any payment method and data used to keep them and operators informed in real-time. Acquisition of ACT will allow Fujitsu to offer the UK transport sector the tools to enable this.

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