Things to Do On Your Blog Before Applying For AdSense

So, you want to use Adsense program to make some money online from your blog and enjoy the life you always dream of? That’s not easy. Google AdSense team is very strict when it comes to approving new application. Everyone is trying to trick to get approved so they have made the process very hard. 

In this article, I’m going to share with you the things that you need to do before applying for the program.

Write High-Quality Content:

The #1 step to ensure your blog’s readiness for Google AdSense application is to write high-quality content. This is very important thing which you can’t ignore at any cost. I mean it!

Google loves  bloggers who are providing high-quality content and their visitors are enjoying it. Keep in mind that applications reviewers are humans and you have to impress them to get approved by AdSense.

  • High quality content is free from grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Write unique and original content
  • High quality content is has proper headings and bullet lists
  • Write content that is long enough
  • High quality content is useful and informative

Buy a custom domain name

You must have your own unique domain that specifies your blog. If you don’t have one yet, stop dreaming about getting approved with sub domains and go buy a Top Level Domain. It will cost anywhere from $10-$15/year. You can buy the domain from GoDaddy or NameCheap. The best domain is the one with .com extension. Choose a short, unique and easy to remember domain related to your blog niche.

Another important thing about the domain is its age. Because for some of the Asian countries like India, AdSense has placed domain age restriction. They don’t accept any sites which are less than 6 months old. There are many AdSense stories on many forums that some people got approved for few weeks old blog and other got rejected for the blog that is even more than 6 months old. So age doesn’t really matter when you have a high-quality blog that’s focus more on helping your visitors. If you’ve a website that is less than 6 months old then you can still consider applying for AdSense.

Create a domain specific email address

One major benefit of using a custom name for your website is the fact that you can easily get a professional email address using your domain. Many bloggers who own a domain name are not aware of the fact that they can create an email address using their own domain name. For example, I have as my domain name, and I use [email protected] as my official work email address.

I, too, began using my personal email address for my website, but very soon I started to realize the importance and need of something more professional. Creating a domain-specific email address adds more credibility and looks more professional.  For any blogger, it is important to use a personalized email domain address for a professional appearance.

Creating the domain name email address

  1. Log into your blog hosting control panel, or cPanel.
  2. Click on Email Accounts in the Email section.
  3. Enter the details for your new account, and click Create Account, as shown here.

Creating the domain name email address to use on your soon to be approved Adsense site

You will see a notification that reads something like this: “Success! Account Created.” shown on the same page.

Add pages like About, Contact, Privacy Policy

There are some pages which you must have before applying to Google AdSense if you want to get accepted.

These are about us, privacy policy and contact us pages. These pages show that you are a professional and that you are working according to the Google policies. Keep in mind that having a privacy page is also one of the requirements for Google AdSense policies.

Ensure you use a clean blog design

What will you do if you land a page with full bright yellow background with white text on it, having huge buttons all over the place?

Yes, you’ll never visit that website again . Blogs which are poorly designed and are hard for the visitors to understand gets rejected by Google AdSense. You must have a good and neat design which comforts the eye and is beautiful in the look.

Have at least 10-15 well-written blog posts

What is the least number of posts you should have on your blog before applying for Google AdSense? There is no confirmed answer.

Not even one.

Because very established blogs with 300+ posts get rejected by Google AdSense while somewhere bloggers with few posts or even less than 10 are enjoying making money with AdSense.

There is no confirmed answer. However, we can always predict things.

According to my experience, the best time to apply for AdSense account is when you have at least 10-15 good quality posts. Make the length of your blog posts at least 600+ words with quality content.

Ensure you don’t use copyright images

If in doubt whether you can use a copyrighted creation, ask the creator. If you cannot find the copyright owner, better don’t use the material. And if you do use someone else’s work, whether with explicit permission or based on a generic license, be sure to credit your source.

Common Adsense Application Issues

This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense

If you get a message that the URL is unavailable, it means one of the following things:

  • Adsense could have previously banned the URL for violating Adsense terms of service
  • The URL could be already be associated with someone else’s Adsense account
  • It could be too new to be considered for Adsense
  • The site has no suitable content for Adsense

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